Get an Erection but Can't Keep It: Here's What I did

Get an Erection but Can't Keep It: Here's What I did

June 01, 2018

Let me make this clear, I can get an erection. Period. I am not broken, I get aroused but I do have to say after 10/15 mins in the sack my equipment can sometimes runs out of gas.

If this sometimes happens to you, I implore you to keep reading..

I remember the days when erections were UNCONTROLLABLE. Everywhere I looked something sparked that ever so exhilarating rush, so primal in nature.


After a 30 year career in finance, 2 kids, 12 years of marriage and countless not so healthy eating binges, I must admit… getting an erection is something I have to force. I can GET there, I just have trouble STAYING there. The wet noodle pull isn’t something foreign to me I must admit.

Honestly, when I think of erectile dysfunction I think of a guy in the corner crying because he’s afraid of his wife leaving him. Now obviously things aren’t as grim as this example but you get the idea.

It’s a serious problem; it goes against our very core as men to be inept in this most holy of arenas. It spawns all sorts of insecurities and leaves us a mental shell of what we are, of what we were made to be.

Moreover, what if I can get and erection but cannot keep it? Do I fall into that bitter morass of self pity as well? Am I a benchwarmer in the gladiator arena? Will I be left to pat other more virile males on the back after they’ve completed their duties?

Unfortunately, its kinda like being pregnant.. you either are or you’re not.  Imagine how your beloved must try to reconcile this seeming ambivalence in the male function. He can get hard but he can’t stay hard? What’s wrong with him? What’s wrong with me?

Well guys, that’s me. I’m the half mast, the bottle rocket, I finish 21st in the race.

For this reason I sought a solution.

I’ve tried the medications: the blue pill didn’t work for me at all, just a slamming headache and stuffy nose. The others sometimes worked but sometimes I feel like my heart is going to explode – my face turns into a tomato and I can’t breathe. Not to mention they are expensive and THEY DIDN’T SOLVE MY INTRINSIC PROBLEM.


I wanted a natural solution, I wanted to feel those UNCONTROLLABLE erections and be able to feel like a man again. I didn’t want to feel like a fraud, only being able to perform if I timed my medication correctly.

So my wife actually found this site to buy an in home ED device, B-Potent, that supposedly uses acoustic waves. I did my research and was still shaky about it … but I read the science and it started to make sense.


All these years of plaque buildup in my vessels, nicotine bouts in my 20 and early thirties have left my cardio a  constricted, constipated mess. Acoustic wave therapy grows new vessels they said…

Lets just see…


Six weeks later let me tell you. My pants tent is real. No joke. I’ve been using this device twice a week and I feel like I’m dangerous to my wife—in the best way of course

My erections come NATURALLY, my ejaculation is like it used to be when I was 16! I feel thicker in my hand and my wife has noticed the difference as well. It may sound crazy but I can actually FEEL the blood rush. I can feel my venous member being fed the life force again.

If you were like me, you probably thought… “ an ED device? What, like a penis pump from the 70s?”

I thought it was silly, but after a few times I could start to feel a difference. Everything just felt cleaner.. I felt younger in my spirit and my pants.

I kid you not..

I was eating lunch about 4 weeks into my wife INSISTING I remain regimented in my use of BMPotent. The waitress came to the table; I ordered my usual Croque monsieur sandwich.

This amazing woman was walking to her table but got halted in her route because the wait staff was rearranging the table to fit her party. So she was just standing there waiting, her bottom half at eye level to me. Not even 1 ft from my face.. I started daydreaming of what her skirt must feel like..all the usual wonderment as you can imagine.

She sat down within I would say, 45 secs.

That 45 seconds passed and under the table my tumescent crotch felt like I was 14 in math class all over again. From that day I knew whatever I was doing was working …

Things have been let’s just say, exciting ever since. It’s a renaissance in my life, an awakening from a deep slumber I was in. The usual ebbs and flows of my penile tides are a little less ebb and a lot more flow.


Read our newest press release here.

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