what can a woman do for ED

What can a woman do to affect erectile dysfunction?

June 07, 2018

If you think that men are the only ones that suffer the effects of erectile dysfunction, you are wrong. You’re at about a 50% margin of error. For every man sweating bullets, anxious with sexual dysfunction, there is a women who feels somehow culpable.

Women have been the silent sufferers of erectile dysfunction since the first excuses of the caveman telling the cavewife that wooly mammoth hunting was too stressful that day and starting the cave fire took it all out of him.

To make matters worse, its uncomfortable speaking openly about her situation. She fears making her loved one look bad, she keeps it to herself in solitude. Perhaps she can speak with her partner but that’s also sensitive conversation. It’s certainly not a conversation any couple looks forward to having.


The BMPotent Community hopes to raise awareness with females that erectile dysfunction isn’t something to be ashamed of, it can be addressed by women and men alike.


Women have felt marginalized on an issue that carries such a physiological, spiritual, loving and estimable weight. Keeping erectile dysfunction in the unmentionable shadows has been proven to only make matters worse.

Become Empowered in Your Sexual Relationship

Before BMPotent, a woman’s role was simply to encourage her loved one to go see a doctor, hoping he would get medication. Next she prayed he remembered to take the medication in a proper amount of time to perform in the bedroom

This mental game is exhausting, how many of these thoughts have crossed your mind?

  • “Hopefully he will take his medicine in time”
  • He couldn’t perform last night, did he not take his medicine? Should I ask him?”
  • “ I know he took his pills but I’m not in the mood, it’s such a waste of money if we don’t … “
  • “Is he really even attracted to me? Or is it just the pills?”

BMPotent can ease every one of these lamentations:

  • BMPotent doesn’t have a time limit: after the regimen is followed results will be seen and the man will be ready for intimacy without having to be on a schedule.
  • BMPotent is natural: it restores the normal penile function by adding restoring blood flow. He will be able to perform and the growth factors released naturally help in the bedroom.
  • BMPotent is a permanent solution: after becoming a member he can continue to utilize the benefits for the long term. No need to keep buying pills each and every time intimacy is desired
  • Spontaneous and natural erections: they are not forced. Rest assured everything you both experience in the bedroom is a result of the most basic of human instinct.


Women Can Affect Change with Erectile Dysfunction

We want to involve women in every regard because we KNOW our members success rate will only stay as high as it is, provided that men communicate with their partners. Women are the greatest tool a man has in addressing erectile dysfunction, yes we said it- the greatest. For the first time women now have a solution they can implement for the good of their relationship

BMPotent advocates its members seeking treatment in unison with their partners. It simply isn’t practical for a man to go through home treatment twice per week and hide it from his partner. Success and satisfaction rates skyrocket when both partners are involved.

Communication, communication, communication. 

Erectile dysfunction is an issue that many men keep to themselves, in secret. Women can be the one to start that conversation. For a man suffering, the last thing he wants to do is talk about it

  • Be Educated: Understand erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that no one should have to suffer with. It doesn’t reflect a lack of manhood as much as it doesn’t reflect a deficiency in your feminine prowess
  • Focus on the Solution rather than the Problem: Part of the solution will be to identify any underlying medical issues that have caused the problem and be proactive with treatment. Many other things are written on how Erectile dysfunction can predict cardiac disease and how what we eat can lead to ED.
  • Permanent Solution: BMPotent members have found a permanent solution to dysfunction. We address the problem at its core, members have learned to treat the issue rather than just the symptoms. Women can advocate this even more so, your partners need to be healthy and free from risk of medications and complications.
  • Assist in the Discipline: BMPotent promotes a lifestyle that advocates general wellbeing and good health. BMPotent members have a system of discipline uniquely designed to not only improve sexual function but keep its members well in every regard.


Women Stop Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction


We hope you read more into erectile dysfunction from the plethora of information on the BMPotent Blog section. After educating yourself sufficiently you can see that this condition has nothing to do with you. You didn’t cause this, but you can help this. Instead of hoping and wishing your husband or boyfriend would take initiative to go get medications prescribed, you can start today with BMPotent. (however we certainly always advocate seeing a doctor above everything)

BMPotent members use a revolutionary technology designed to target new blood vessel growth, promote growth factors in the penis and increase duration and rigidity of erections, all from the privacy of their own home




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