diet soda and ED

BMPotent: Ditch Diet Soda- Its Causing Erectile Dysfunction

July 12, 2018

If you have diet coke or Nutrasweet in your coffee cabinet, do yourself a favor. Put it in a bag and find someone you really dislike… extend to them a  gift of impotency and woe.  They may have a better chance of NOT securing offspring. ASPARTAME found in these artificially sweetened products will kill their manhood. Goodbye abhorrent next generation.

Aspartame… sounds like a heroic Asprin action figure. Well if that action figure was designed to defeat you by kicking you in the nuts over and over—then you got it .

Here’s why it sucks.

Ugh there are just so many reasons: exacerbates diabetes, causes cancer—but for our purposes of manly “brass tacks” kind of wellness—it will kill your manhood. Imagine, men as a society are chemically castrating themselves with this garbage. But just what is Aspartame and why if its so harmful do we still partake? Same reason we deep fry Oreos or spend over $200B on fast food in US alone each year. It tastes good…or at least we perceive it does.

What exactly is Aspartame?

200X times sweeter than sugar, and lasts longer.

Does anyone remember those gum commercials? Double your pleasure, double your fun, doublemint gum. More like double your chance of not being able to get it up. I get the slogan though, Aspartame actually lingers and lasts longer than actual sucrose (sugar). No wonder these products did so well… or maybe it was the tandem bicycle, hmm.

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How does Aspartame Lead to Erectile Dysfunction:

First it’s key to understand: it all starts and ends with your brain. Not just erectile dysfunction but I’m saying life. The entire erection process is like a symphonic work of everything working in sync; your brain is the wand swinging conductor. Neurotoxins are the diabolical enemy of your sex life, and you should view them as such.  A neurotoxin is basically any chemical deemed as toxic to your neurological function, your brain being front and center.  ANYTHING poisoning your brain: alcohol, lead or even botulism for that matter are indirectly poisoning your sex life.

Aspartame damages hypothalamus (part of your brain) ==>Hypothalamus helps form testosterone==>Aspartame suppresses testosterone==>No sexlife

If this isn’t bad enough, studies have shown Aspartame shrinks (atrophies) testicles.

Aspartame acts as a degreaser for your nerves. Nerves send neurotransmitters via the same basic principals as electricity. If you are familiar with how current operates on a wire you know current travels on the outside margins. It’s sensitive to the medium through which it passes—nerves operate in a similar fashion. The outside conduit that enables nerves to function properly is called a myelin sheath.  Well aspartame acts as sandpaper grinding away at this conduction process. The results are messages from your penis to brain can get crossed at different receptor sites.

In real life you’re stimulated physically but your brain doesn’t recognize the stimulation;  thus you become soft and dysfunctional. Viola kids, erectile dysfunction.

Wait it gets worse!

Not even kidding. So we just discovered the process by which aspartame basically is the worst wingman—however the result is more insidious. Now that your testosterone production is suppressed from all the diet soda and diet everything products—a second part of your brain takes the next brunt of the bat.

The excitatory part of your cerebral cortex is involved with pleasure, being interested in sex and receiving titillation from life in general—starts to die too!

Due to lack of testosterone production, and thus sexual activity, this part of your brain isn’t stimulated sufficiently and also begins to atrophy.


So to wrap up this gift you’re about to give to the guy you dislike…

Aspartame is a serious neurotoxin masking itself in Diet soda, pink packets and crappy candy. If you want to keep the most important thing men are made to do (reproduce) then do yourself the biggest service of all—CUT IT OUT. Check labels. Read. Ask questions. Its your body, you only get one. Take care of it… tell your friends… maybe even the annoying guy… he’s not that bad.

Be Strong, Be Healthy, Be.More.Potent






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