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The BMPotent & Jeff Bezos Approach to Sexual Wellness

June 13, 2018

An extraordinary principal of life is our need for certainty and need for uncertainty. What do I mean by that? Let me explain with an anecdote about Jeff Bezos. Jeff Bezos is the son of Cuban immigrants and is currently the world’s first Centi-Billionaire, with a net worth of over $100 Billion.


To give this perspective only ONE billion minutes ago it was 117 A.D., 100 Billion second ago it was 1,152 B.C. . Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in just how large these numbers are.


The U.S. President publicly stated some accusatory remarks concerning Amazon which later caused shares to drop by only 9%. This rendered a dip in Bezo’s personal coffers by $10.7 Billion. He quickly recovered by retorting that Trump cannot really say anything substantive to affect Amazon whatsoever in the long term.

Bezos business model is built on our need for certainty. We now feel certain we can find literally anything life requires by shopping on Amazon. We also feel certain it will arrive basically before we remember to remember we ordered it. This has lead to us making Amazon a part of our working mindset. It’s like walking into the elementary cafeteria with a crisp $10 bill in your pocket, the possibilities are endlessly comforting.

Bezos has built the success of Amazon on the concept of embracing uncertainty. The “day 1” philosophy is now highly written about, but it basically is an adaptation of the notable quote: “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.” Laser focusing on the results and making decisions in accordance are more important that waiting for consensus on the process. Action, over analysis.

The interest in this figure shouldn’t necessarily be on his net worth, even though its enough to buy 200 million iPads for every US school and college student, or completely bail out Greece during the height of its financial crisis.

Instead the real crux of this story is on mindset. This person's mind has manifested the largest retailer in the world. It all begins and ends with the mindset.

The “Day 1” philosophy for Sexual Health


The most important thing for your sexual wellness is progress. Progress the verb, not the noun. Take a minute to digest that.

Success, or failure for that matter, in sexual wellness comes over time. If we were able to snap our fingers today and give you the instantaneous sexual prowess of peacock on a golf course; our dollars to donuts would be its loss soon thereafter. Your progress would hold very little value because you did not work for it. We as humans don’t value much that comes freely. For this reason we ever so often over look the importance of taming our mind. We were born with it, it was free from the beginning, however a mind’s wellbeing feeds off progress. Progress and even microprogress are cornerstones of the ‘Day 1” mindset.

Erectile Dysfunction: Progressive Failure

Erectile dysfunction is not a thing. It is a process of progressive microfailures through time. Each time you didn’t go to the doctor, each time you over indulged in any of the foods that lead to vascular dysfunction have added the soup and nuts to this black cauldron of sexual dysfunction.

“ I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I eat ok…this is bullshit!”

Doing nothing is like not pulling your weight in a canoe. The whims of the wind determine your direction, not you. (that rhymes! haha) Old age, exogenous factors and biochemical changes make us all susceptible to shifts in our health. Not all erectile dysfunction is a result of poor health choices but certainly partaking in healthy, preventative actions never hurt anyone.

Focus on Results

Part of the BMPotent solution is creating a mental environment for success. Perhaps you’ve tried other treatments in the past that worked and suddenly stopped, or didn’t work at all. Perhaps you are just now experiencing the onset of sexual disquietude. Regardless of which fight song you’ve come to cheer, the proper mindset are the Nike shoes of this ballgame, you gotta have the right ones.

BMPotent is learning to focus and envision your outcome as reality before it arrives. Jeff Bezos saw Amazon as a “store for everything” way before it actually was. His focus on results as being real, lead him and his organization to create the largest retail company on the planet. To be really trite but true.. Michaelangelo saw “David” in the marble before he even picked up his chisel. He simply cut away everything that was not a part of his vision.

Become intently obsessed with your goal, become delighted in all the benefits you will reap once having arrived at your goal, become a master of your own health, become strong in your mind… Become Potent in every area of your life.

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