3 Natural Ways to Aid ED

3 Natural Ways to Aid ED

May 30, 2018

You will find so many blogs on the internet about natural ways to aid ED. When we refer to ED we are describing endothelial dysfunction, which is a major cause of erectile dysfunction. ED is basically the improper functionality of the cell walls of blood vessels, causing them to respond inadequately--thus leading to insufficient blood flow. You'll read endless, mindless drab until you start to think everything you do from the moment you wake up is causing your male member to be as Droopy the Dog. Natural ways to help ED aren't some veil of mystery, here are just a few to get you started down the path:

  • Exercise: No brainer, you need to exercise in some capacity. We aren’t saying you need to live in the gym and become the next Dwayne Johnson and count every gram of protein. The key to exercise we’ve found the most effective exercises are the ones you don’t want to do. Thinking your erections will be like they were back when you were 23 without exercise is like asking a fireplace for heat before you put in the wood… not happening
  • Drinking and smoking: take a moment and think of the thing you love most in this world… got it? Picture them in your mind’s eye.. seriously close your eyes for a moment and picture them ..how you want only the best for them..see their smile, hear their laughter. Even if it’s a pet … picture how happy they are to have you… Seriously get them fixed in your mind just for a moment. Now imagine someone tying them to a chair and putting poison down their throat, spraying them with Raid in the face.. How quickly would you act to stop this? Would you be able to endure that visual? Would you be able to stand by and do nothing? No way right?  ….then why would you be OK doing this to yourself out of your own volition? If you are poisoning yourself …please stop, you're worth more than that.
  • Diet: This would perhaps be the claim to fame, most important factor in a natural approach to ED. There are a million diets claiming their monopoly on health, low carb, paleo whatever, organic this… it all becomes confusing to say the least. Here’s a good rule of thumb.. I call it the “uncomplicated diet” following this will not fail anyone:
    • Eat Vegetables
    • Eat Fruit
    • Eat meat that looks like meat and can be distinguished as a part of an animals body—not processed garbage (keep in mind red meat is known to cause low grade inflammation; inflammation leads to decreased NO which is essential for vascular function and thus affects erections)
    • Drink water, lots of water

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